Color Coded Challenge: Purple

A few days ago are color for the challenge was purple. For me the color purple was one of the hardest colors to find in the color coded challenge because purple is not a common color. In my images of things that are purple you will see purple flowers, beads, hair caps, and a shoe lace. You can always take a picture with different perspectives making and image look different each time.

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Color Coded Challenge: Blue


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A few days ago are color coded challenge was blue. Walking around the city I was able to find the color blue in things that you might not look twice at. In my slide show of things that are blue you will see hands and clay covered in blue food coloring, spiked dog ball, shopping cart, fake flower, and even fish water. Different colors can be found every where you just have to look for them.

Julia Margaret Cameron Inspired

Julia Margaret Pattle was born on June 11 1815. Julia was the fourth child out of seven siblings,at the age of forty-eight Julia was given her first camera by her daughter and son in law as a birthday present. Julia was a mother of six and was married to Charles Hay Cameron.  Julia’s father was an East India Company official and her mother descended from French aristocracy.John Herschel was a British astronomer who  introduced Julia to photography. Her work would soon than inspire many. During this project I had a wonderful experience trying to create images inspired by her   beautiful  work.

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Color Coded Challenge: Yellow

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During my search for the color yellow I have learned a lot of interesting things. Colors in general is something that we all over look because we are so use to seeing things with color. In my slide show of things that are yellow it displays these five things that we might over look each day  a yellow door stopper, yellow flowers, two Yellow bumper stickers, and a broken yellow tail light. We may over look these small things because color plays a big part in our lives.

Color Coded Challenge: Green


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Last weeks color was green. My first image displays an up close image of a dark green fence. The second image is of a top of a bus bench the only editing that took place in this image was bringing out more of the green. The third image is a picture of how the leaves of a tree in my neighborhood is weirdly shaped. My forth image displays the texture of the  top of one of my teachers licence plate tags. Lastly the fifth image displays the texture of a green spiked dog ball.

Color Coded Challenge: Orange


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Last week are color was orange. MY first image is an up close picture of a sign, my second image is the texture of orange pool tubes. My third image is an up close picture of a fold able chair, the forth image is a picture of an orange fly swatter. Lastly my fifth image is a picture of a orange sun key chain that’s hanging in the air.

Color Coded Challenge: Red

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This week my entire class and I created a color coded challenge were each week we would hunt for a color from the  Rainbow. This weeks color is red. In my slide show you can see the different objects that only have one thing in common there color. It was pretty easy to find the color red near my neighborhood because it was around Valentine’s day. All in all I can not wait to see our finished products.

Self Portraits

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Before Winter Break my class and I were challenged by our teacher Ms. Shelly to take eleven self portraits. I chose three images to display as my best and favorite one’s. My three self portraits represent my serious side and a little of my fierce side also. I love the different backgrounds and facial expressions and different clothing  that I display in my images I think they make the images intriguing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

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In my images I have tried to display transition through the different shades of plants and drawn images of diamonds. Transition means the process or a period of change , in my photos you see a leaf go from green to brown,in another image the leaf is going from pink to green. Lastly you see the diamond shaped drawings go from green to blue all in all I think it displays transition.

What i’m thankful for

I am thankful for a lot of thing’s but I chose  these few things such as love, unity, things that are old  but still work, time, and life. Love is shown in how the two people hold each other with smiles on there face which I think is displaying love. Unity is shown in how the two dogs stand together as one . Things that are old and still work are shown in the rusty old bolt in how even if its all rusted and old it is still holding up the gate. Time is shown in the makings of the house one image shows when it was just bricks while the other image shows a house waiting for someone to buy it. Life something that is priceless in mans eyes is portrayed through that delicate flower. These are the thing’s  i’m grateful for.